What You Can Do

You’ve read the articles.   What you can do to help?

Sign our petition to the CITY  Council.  Download, print and get your group to sign.  Contact us and we’ll pick it up.

Join the NMEPC Facebook  page and the local Wind Action Facebook  group

  1. Continue to visit the NMEPC website regularly for updates
  2. Talk to your Neighbours.  Direct them to this website.
  3. Write Horizon Wind (they must respond and include your concerns in EA report) catherine@mkince.ca info@bigthunderwindpower.ca
  4. Get Involved – come to our meetings first Thursday of the month 7pm, Neebing Community Centre.
  5. Write a Letter to the Editor – Chronicle Journal and TBNews Source
  6. Email your city counsillors and tell them NO to destroying the Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment
  7. Write us at savethenorwesters@gmail.com
  8. Write your MP, MPP, Minister of Environment, Minister of Health
  9. Offer to put up a sign (available soon) by contacting us with name and address.
  10. Advocate for the protection of the Nor’Westers as a Natural Heritage Site.