What’s in a Name? A BATTLE

Did you know our former City of Fort William, with the help of our neighbours in Minnesota, had to battle Ottawa for the fitting name of the Nor’Wester Mountain Range?  Read More  Tartan colours

Did you know “The Famous and Ancient Nor’Wester Mountain Range” has it’s own registered Scottish Tartan?

 Visual Impacts

Thousands of visitors come to Thunder Bay each year enjoy our stunning views and tranquil landscape. The Beautiful Norwester Mountain Escarpment welcomes visitors from the south via highway 61, and is one of first that passengers experience arriving by air.


“A scenic gateway to Canada as the home of the Pigeon River Border crossing, the Municipality of Neebing offers spectacular views of the majestic Nor’Wester mountain range.”North of Superior Tourism Municipality of Neebing

“Promoting our City’s connection to the natural spaces around us and our location on the Circle Tour is key to increasing awareness of one of North America’s most scenic coastal drives to the hundreds of thousands of avid motorcycle, RV and auto club visitors who continuously seek out new destinations based on exceptional scenery, culturally unique communities and winding highways.”City of Thunder Bay Tourism Newsletter by P A Pepe

The Nor’Wester mountains, like many other mountains or hills, offer a beautiful backdrop to our scenery. When something varies from the natural uniform of vegetation, it draws the eye, then becomes VERY NOTICABLE.

The initial development is for 18 turbines. (Shelbourne Ontario began with 20, now have 200!)


Flashing lights, 24 hours per day (remember our proximity to the airport) 

Scale; Mountain 650’, Turbines 450’  SIZE DOES MATTER!  THESE TURBINES ARE MASSIVE!


  “Sensitive sites (natural, historic, recreation and/or scenic)  should not be considered for wind turbines.”  The Nor’Wester Mountains qualify in all areasJean E. Vissering Landscape Architecture 3700 NORTH STREET MONTPELIER VERMONT 05602



Tourism & Recreation

This area has traditionally been used for recreation.  You can’t go far without seeing people jogging, toting skiis, carrying hockey bags, rollerskiing, hiking, biking.  Do you realize that wind turbines will be placed 150 metres from skiers?

“Loch Lomond offers skiing, snowboarding and tubing.  We are 10 minutes from Thunder Bay off of Highway 61 North on the majestic Nor’wester Mountain Range.”Loch Lomond Ski Area

“This hotel provides guests with exceptional customer service, superb, full-service amenities and an unbeatable Nor’Wester Mountain location”Best Western Nor’Wester Resort

“The Fort William Country Club is located in the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario and is Thunder Bay’s Premier Golf Course.   It is a magnificent setting below the Majestic Nor’Wester Mountain Range. Every hole has a spectacular mountain back drop.” Fort William Country Club

Kamview Nordic Centre


 VISITORS’ ATTITUDES TOWARDS WIND FARMS:  A Case Study of the English Lake District National Park

By David Shepherd, Masters of Environmental Studies in Nature Based Recreation & Tourism, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ontario

Within the two last decades, areas all over the world have seen an increase in the number of wind farm proposals. To fully understand the potential impact that the proposed wind farms could have on an area, it is important to understand the potential human impacts as well.  This study focused on visitors to an area which is known not only for its historic heritage, but visual aesthetics as well.

The study looked at three main areas:

1.      The potential change in visitor return rates,

2.      The level of general wind farm knowledge held by visitors

3.      Visitors’ attitudes towards wind farms

This study developed a scale with a sole purpose of exploring the visitors’ attitudes, positive or negative, as the first step to understanding the effect that potential wind farm developments will have not only on the geographic landscape, but on the visitors to the area. This study found that as the level of general wind farm knowledge increased, visitors’ attitudes towards wind farms  became negative. It was also found that the return rate of visitors would drop more then 8.6 %. This study showed that wind farms would have a negative impact on visitors to the Lake District National Park.

Liability & Insurance Costs

Opening up access to the mountain top will bring unwanted liability issues – Will this be the new dirtbike / snowmobile raceway  or partypit for teens?  Who will patrol these new open spaces?  How safe will our children be?

According to CANWEA’s own documents: 

The wind turbine owner faces a liability if his or her property poses any threat to the general public.  Although chances are extremely remote, a wind turbine could throw a blade or the tower could collapse onto neighbouring property.  In addition, because of its visibility, a wind turbine may attract unwanted visitors, especially children


Retirement/New Families & Recruitment Issues

Thunder Bay’s economy is moving away from resource-based economy to a more information-based economy.  How will destroying our natural beauty affect our recruitment of professionals?

“Lakehead University is located in the heart of the city of Thunder Bay which is located in one of Canada’s most breath-taking locales.  The boreal forests surrounding Thunder Bay constitute one of the world’s largest outdoor laboratories.  The city offers a wealth of sport, recreation and arts opportunities.  In 2003, it was named as one of the cultural capitals of Canada.  The city has excellent skiing facilities (both cross-country, alpine and snowboarding), state-of-the-art athletic clubs, an indoor golf dome, numerous public golf courses, curling rinks, superb hiking and mountain biking trails and two Olympic-size swimming pools, including one on campus.”

Welcome Address – Dean of Graduate Studies, Lakehead University

“Experience life to the fullest with our proximity to a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. Camp, swim, ski, bike, golf, hike… you choose! With provincial parks, ski hills, miles and miles of trails and rugged beauty on the shores of Lake Superior, you are sure to fall in love with Thunder Bay. The city features an outstanding variety of recreational venues Health Care Recruitment in Thunder Bay



  •  Any jobs created during the construction of this facility will be very short term. (Comment: the jobs are temporary – the changes to our landscape are permanent)
  • Specialized workers hired to erect wind projects are usually brought in from elsewhere
  • At best, only a few of fulltime jobs will be created by this project. Turbines are specifically designed to be low-maintenance.

Property Values

Are you prepared to accept a decrease in the value of your home  – anywhere from 15% – 40%.

Turbines forever change the aesthetics of the land, giving it a more industrial feel.  A view adds value to rural property.  Take the view away – added value goes away.

for sale

Chris Luxemburger presented at an OMB hearing in Grand Valley , Amaranth and East Luther Ontario, area. 1)  days on the market were more than doubled for those properties inside the wind turbine zone (3 Nautical miles)2) the sold price was on avg. $48,000 lower inside the wind turbine zone3) the number of homes not sold was 11% inside the turbine zone compared to 3% outside.

The Committee of the Association of Danish Landowners, Danske Torpare, on behalf of it’s 10,000 members, decries property value depreciation by wind mills

WIND farms are blowing land values off course, slashing property tags by up to a third in some areas and lifting others by as much $50,000 per turbine.


Would you live here?  Daniel D’entremont was forced to abandon his home!!!


Barbara Ashee’s home in Southern Ontario became inhabitable.


Is all of this really needed or are we substituting one environmental problem for another?

Here are the REAL FACTS

1. The Power Is Not For Northwestern Ontario (NWO)

  • We have 1535 megawatts (MW) of power available right now in NWO
  • Minus Coal generating plants in Atikokan(227 MW) and Thunder Bay’s 2 units (326 MW)
  • Therefore, we have approximately 1000 MW left without coal in NWO.
  • NWO’s  normal daily load (power used) is between 580 and 650 MW
  • Even in the past, with all the papermills running, we used between 900 and 1100 MW.

2. NWO Has Too Much Power and Can’t Ship It

  • New projects about to be added to the grid in NWO will add 480 MW’s 

3.Thunder Bay‘s forcasted Peak Load (amount needed) in 2012 will be 455 MW

4   The Government WILL subsidize Wind Companies


  • We in NWO produce power at less than 4 cents per KW
  • We pay 8 cents per KW (no different than Southern Ontario)
  • Government willing to pay 11.5 cents per KW to Wind Companies

6. In the past 18 months, the coal plants have run approx. 6 weeks

6. By 2014 NWO coal plants that are open will be converted to wood (carbon-neutral)              



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