EBR Comment 44

I am one of the citizens of Thunder Bay directly affected by this ill-conceived project. My home is one of the closest receptors to the proposed turbine construction site.

I worked hard for many years in anticipation of finally enjoying the awesome beauty of the Norwesters upon my retirement. Now, recently retired, I don’t get to relax on my deck and enjoy the fantastic view but rather face the stress of what this monstrous wind farm could bring. What happened to a moratorium on any further wind turbine projects until proper health studies are complete?

I am not a willing host to this project nor is my neighbor The Fort William First Nation which deems this sited land as sacred.

Surely green energy means preserving old growth maple stands, rare vegetation, water, animal and bird habitat, not destroying a heritage site for something as inefficient and unneeded as wind turbines. This area should be protected just as the Niagara Escarpment is.

Thunder Bay has plenty of green energy in the form of hydro power in use right now. To force us to use wind energy at a much higher cost is absurd!

The Norwester Mountains are not the right site for a wind farm.

Do the right thing and refuse it.


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