EBR Comment 41

The MOE technical bulletin 5 on Consultation report states

The Consultation Report is a tool applicants will produce to document how they onsulted with interested and affected stakeholders in the area, and what changes were made to the project design as a result of consultation

In reading the consultation report as submitted for the REA application, it is unclear how changes were made to the project  design in reaction to or using consultation in fact it seems that project changes were made in spite of, or contrary to concerns and issues.

Towers were moved forward towards people from the 2009 to 2010 relocations.   In 2010 when the city had concerns regarding 4 tower sites, horizon accommodated 2 but kept the other 2, and increased their project size (27 to 32 MW) – but they could have done the 27 MW project (14 of 18 tower sites) with the 2 MW towers and produced more than 27 MW.

Project changes were otherwise minor and appear to be made for other reasons – staying away from water to reduce environmental study requirements etc

The reports are not clear about what changes were made to the project design and why. Also, how public concerns and consultation was considered is not in the reports

Horizon told people at the open house that they would follow the technical bulletins – but this report does not.

Please do not approve a report or project that does not meet the  requirements or commitments .


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