EBR Comment 40

Horizon says it has consulted and engaged the citizens of Thunder Bay, Neebing and Fort William First nation

When I went to attend an open house there was a big sign saying if you entered you consented to having your image recorded and used.
I did not like that but I needed to see the information inside.  When I walked past the video camera in the entrance hallway (pointed directly at my face ) I held up a book to screen my face I was told I couldn’t do that and had to leave
I said it was a public open house in a public community centre and I wanted to stay and look at the information
I went to proceed and they said I had to also sign in they had the police escort me outside the premises (hired police) under threat of charges of trespass.

What kind of engagement is that where people are video recorded by cameras around the building , armed guards, and rented police?

How many people were intimidated or did not want to have there image recorded for whatever purpose horizon wanted?

How many people just left instead of going through the hassle and aggravation?

This incident did not get into the consultation report, yet it is a significant event The number of people refusing to sign in did not get reported none of the negative incident (negative to the project ) are in the report that I can find.


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