EBR Comment 39

Not sure why I am again sending in another comment.

Met some people yesterday who asked why am I bothing to send in comments when this whole process is already a done deal. Even Michael Gravelle stated that any developer that gets this far has not been turned down. For some reason I am still a believer that this project can be stopped.

The developer refused to properly consult with the residents of this community. It appears the land owner (City of Thunder Bay) and Horizon Wind will be the clear winners. When you’re big and powerful, have lots of money to throw around, have a number of lobbyist in the governement you can just run over those that are in the way. Yes, Horizon will be investing money in this community, but so have the residents of this community who have invested their money and their lives.

Horizon distributed a Dear Neighour Poster back in 2010 (not sure, could have been 2011 and referenced a study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that wind farms do not affect property value. Homes considered were between 244 metres and 16 kilometres from the nearest turbine. Do they really expect me to believe such garbage. Ben Hoen, one of the principle authors of the report stated “I think one of the things that often happens is that (wind) developers put our report forward and say look property values aren’t affected, and that’s not what we would say specifically. On the other hand, they have little ground to stand on if they say we won’t guarantee that.”

I am also worried about health issues. Developers always say “there is no scientific evidence, to date, to demonstrate a causal asociation between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects”. Yet, I met a woman who had to give up her home because of health and noise issues.

Someone it seems isn’t quite telling the truth.


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