EBR Comment 38

I would like to make the MOE aware that the enercon e82 turbine as proposed by Horizon for construction apparently has some sound problems not acknowledged by the REA.

This information certainly must have been available to the developer BEFORE the reports were issued in November 2012

Reportedly, a decision of the Bavarian Higher Regional Court in Munich points out that in the E 82 turbine emits pulsed noise.

Therefore to any actually measured sound level three decibels would have to be added. The 27th Civil Division of the Bavarian Higher Regional Court is said to have affirmed the pulsed noise and granted a lawsuit by opponents of wind turbines in Kienberg, Marktgemeinde Rennertshofen.

This would mean that the supposed ‘safety factor’ of 1.5 dB is actually not a safety factor at all.

Because the turbines have been located as close as possible to people, this increase in sound to represent the actual noise is a 3 dB increase, plus the 1.5 dB ‘safety factor’ would result in homes well over 40 dB noise

This means the tower locations as proposed are not acceptable, since horizon has said no other locations are acceptable — they wont move them and they cant move them— then the project has no other option except to not build

The other serious issue is that this information would have been known and is not acknowledged in the REA –

The public needs to have ALL information included in the reports, not selective information.

This projct should be not approved because it appears critical information was ignored, and analysis was conducted using incorrect information.


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