EBR Comment 37

The big thunder REA does not identify the known and common problem of stray voltage, any mitigation, or methods to reduce or avoid the problems

As MOE is aware, stray voltage is a known problem for the Enercon E82 wind turbine. The conversion of DC to AC produces ground currents and stray voltage.

This stray voltage can cause problems for people and animals
The path the stray voltage takes is difficult to determine before hand

The stray voltage has the potential to impact animals in the area and may cause deer, moose and other animals to avoid the area.

This issue should have been identified in the REA, and specifically in the health impacts and impacts on moose. Given the high level of concern regarding use of the area for hunting, hiking and ski trails, the stray voltage issue should have been identified and discussed in the REA.

By not addressing this issue and pretending it doesn’t exist (by not acknowledging the issue) the REA is not complete.


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