EBR Comment 36

Please accept this letter as my expression of disproval of Horizon Wind’s intent to establish a wind farm on the Nor’Wester Mountains. My concern is the destruction and devastation of the mountains that will occur if a project of this magnitude were permitted. I have attended each of Horizon’s open houses and posed the following query: : “Take me up the mountain, and explain to me what will have to be done to make roads necessary to carry the components to their erection locations.” No definitive answer was given, however, Horizon’s respondent indicated that one to three tri-axle truckloads of fill per kilometer would probably be needed. Surely, my question must have been misinterpreted, or it was an acceptable, or plausible answer.

MOE document Technical Bulletin Three is titled “Guidance for preparing the Construction Plan Report” is, as you know a guideline to be used when preparing an application for a Renewable Energy Project. The Contents list at the beginning seems to be a logical sequence for presentation. Throughout this guideline, it is emphasized that detail is necessary and specifics as to the content, in some cases are given. I’m sure your personnel are aware of all that I have just referred.

Horizon seems to have another agenda. First, it is our understanding that this project is to have 16 turbines. However, in their “Project Overview” they list 18 turbines along with their UTM coordinates. So, do you exclude two of your choosing, or approve all 18? Or is this a ploy of some kind? Fig. 1-2, the turbine layout (I refuse to call it a park) is difficult to interpret because of it’s diminutive size. The legend indicates a “Project Road Boundary”. Is that actually the road? Fig. 1-1, is the “Overview Layout”. It’s purpose I’m not sure.

In section 2 “Construction Activities” it takes a mere 3 8.5X11 pages to take us from describing surveying, land clearing, road construction, foundation construction and tower and turbine assembly and installation. On passing there is some mention of blasting included in the sentence; “The method of excavation may include blasting techniques, where appropriate. Table 2-3 “Expected Construction Equipment” beg of many questions. For example: Concrete trucks. Four are required per foundation with truck quantity of 64 with no units. Standard measure is cubic metres. If that’s the case here, I want to see that truck and witness it going up the hill with a load! I could go on and critique this whole document and it’s lack of detail which I’m sure does not meet your needs.

In conclusion, I find the construction part of this report to be inadequate. In general no construction project of this scope and magnitude should ever be allowed on the Nor’Westers as the scarring and devastation of this beautiful and pristine mountain will be irreversible. Please say no to this unnecessary project.


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