EBR Comment 34


The proposed location is, in my opinion, simply inappropriate. The Nor’Westers are one of the few remaining natural treasures in the region and simply should not be used for industrial development. There are many other more suitable, less sensitive, areas in the region that can be easily developed.


I completely support renewable energy, growth and job creation, where it makes economic, environmental and social sense. I cannot however support destroying one of our true natural resources; based solely on economic greed (by several parties).


I am not an environmental scientist or health care professional in a position to debate the endless rhetoric of seemingly biased and self serving “studies”. Rather, I base my opposition on a simple belief- if you are blessed with a gift, be grateful and protect it. We do not own these gifts but are merely caretakers, for future generations. This is an opportunity to accept our responsibilities, cherish the natural resources we’ve been entrusted with and protect the Nor Westers from needless development.


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