EBR Comment 33

I have some comments to make on the public consultations held by Horizon wind. In my opinion, they were a complete farce. For your information, I was a city councilor in Thunder bay for 9 years, and for 7 of those I was the Chair of Planning. In this role, I held numerous public hearings.

At one of Horizon’s public hearings held at the Labour Centre on Fort William road, attendees were intimidated by the presence of armed guards. These guards controlled the all entry and exit points. This ridiculous level of security even made it difficult to go to the washroom.

At another meeting held by Horizon at the Norwester hotel on Hwy 61, I spoke directly to the moderator John Hatton. He informed me that Horizon restricted him from bringing forward many topics or even entertaining them from the floor. It should also be noted that a large muscular security guard blocked the entrance to the hall, forcing people to walk sideways past him. Another attempt at intimidation by Horizon Wind.

Finally, at another meeting held by Horizon at the Fort William Country Club a SECURITY GUARD attempted to stop me from asking a second question of Tony Swigg. The first question was not lengthy.

The province cannot accept this process as proper public consultation. It is an insult to the term.


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