EBR Comment 31

REA – Project Description Report

Section 2.3.1. states: Horizon Wind is committed to working and cooperating closely with all levels of government, Aboriginal Communities, and stakeholders to meet requirements and address concerns.

This statement is far from the truth. Horizon filed a 126 million dollar lawsuit against the City of Thunder Bay, when the city wanted to push back 4 of the closest turbines away from its citizens. Horizon has not properly consulted with the Aboriginal communities (they needed to hire a third party to try to mend the relationships between Horizon Wind and the Aboriginal communities, as seen in Aboriginal consultation report). From the beginning, Horizon did not openly welcome the public stakeholders, At their open house, the public was confronted by security, where they were forced to sign in and agree to be videotaped, otherwise they were not permitted to enter the “open house.” There was no attempt to work cooperatively with stakeholders. Rather, stakeholders were made to feel threatened. And finally, Horizon was ready to take the MOE to court in an effort to push this process along.

This whole process to me has felt like a bully in a school yard.


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