EBR Comment 24

In regards to the proposed Horizon Wind Inc. (Big Thunder Wind Park project) I need to voice my concerns.  In regards to public consultation, there wasn’t any, neither with the local residents whose community will be greatly impacted, nor with the First Nations peoples who hold this mountain so sacred.

How can an area which includes a watershed that has been protected for over 100 years be given up to a developer for an Industrial Wind Turbine project?
Why, under the Green Energy Act are environmental issues shrugged off and the rules changed?
Why do local citizens have no rights under this Green Energy Act?

As a citizen of Canada I find this appalling!
Why do the same rules not apply here as they do for the Niagara Escarpment in Southern Ontario?
To ruin this beautiful area on the south side of Thunder Bay for a project that is not wanted and certainly not needed, is a crime.  This developer has displayed nothing but disdain for the residents here.

Please do the right thing and do not allow this project to be approved.


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