EBR Comment 23

The horizon report on blasting impacts is a joke

The consultant report is a general report that ignores easily available information
The report should not even be considered worth reviewing- it has so many qualifications and limitations that it cannot be relied upon

There have been no drill or investigations into the rock at tower sites
The specific foundations depth and design are not provided
The consultant did not even look at the LRCA water/groundwater reports
The consultant made assumptions about groundwater that do not agree with LRCA info

How can the consultant say there will be no impacts of the rock and groundwater when they don’t know how deep or construction techniques for footings?
the footings will be massive to support 139 metre towers and blades- the forces n the structures will be massive so foundations will be deep and strong
the rock is volcanic hard rock overlying softer shale. this is a complex formation that is difficult to assess.

The LRCA clearly said that Loch Lomond is a clear freshwater trout lake and that the area is a significant groundwater recharge area and that the recharge is sensitive – that information has been provided to Horizon – it is not anywhere I can find in any of the REA reports

The REA report makes the simpleton assumption that groundwater divide is on the watershed divide. That is simple and wrong in the face of the LRCA report, which was known to developer. was this ignoring information intentionally or just incompetence or perhaps just a simple mistake?

There is no adequate description of the significant construction/excavation/blasting required for the access road. The road will have to scale an 800 foot escarpment, clinging to the side slope, up through talus and unstable rock, immediately below rock escarpments. There is essentially no description of the impacts or construction of that road,.

Regardless the public is relying on MOE to review the available data and not rely on these REA reports – they are deficient- MOE has been advised and MOE is now liable if problems occur.

What problems could occur?

  • land slides
  • rock sloughing
  • increased  or decreased groundwater flow
  • water level changes on Loch Lomond
  • changes to groundwater levels impacting local streams and wetlands

Most of these issues could have been mitigated by moving towers away from cliff faces- but horizon said they wont move towers just because they wont.

This site is not a farmers field.
This site is a sensitive and significant aquifer, located next to  a significant drinking water source
MOE had better be 100 % sure that there will be no problems – because if there is any impact or change the cost to fix it will be in the billions- the native and non native communities have relied on this area as a water source and protected it for over 100 years – both communities consider that land special and sacred

Use the precautionary principle – do not allow this project to proceed-  find a better location for this industrial development – off the norwesters

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