EBR Comment 29

I am writing to say that I am opposed to Horizon Wind Inc.  proposal to build a wind farm on the Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment in Thunder Bay.

Contrary to what Kathleen MacKenzie, director of community affairs  for Horizon stated in the Chronicle Journal on Friday Sept. 7,  “community members from Thunder Bay, the municipality of Neebing and  surrounding First Nations communities have been engaged in this process  with us for several years now” I do not feel I have been “engaged” or  consulted.

I was not consulted or notified by city administration or by any of our elected city Councillors. The only people who have provided any updates or new information are my neighbours. They have had to repeatedly ask city council, city administration and Horizon to be kept informed.

Horizon and the City of Thunder Bay have refused to release any details  or terms of the agreement they both signed. I feel that myself and the  rest of the citizens of Thunder Bay have the right to know exactly what is going on. It is our health, money and peace of mind that is at stake.  Horizon has not kept anyone living near the proposed project updated. I made a request in August 2010 at one of their open houses to be put on their email list. I also made another request in June 2011.  Their website was not updated from June 2011 until the fall of 2012, and  I never heard from them in the interim. How is that classified as  keeping the public informed? The only way I knew they had submitted  their REA was from a neighbour who daily checks the MOE website.

According to the dictionary consultation means “a process by which the public’s input on matters affecting them is sought” I don’t feel  that Horizon has come close to this expectation. I attended their open house where I had to walk past their security  guards members of the OPP who had been hired by Horizon. I had to sign  my name and give my address and be willing to be filmed before I was allowed into the building. When I asked questions I was given vague  answers or no answers at all.I asked one of the representatives what made Anthony Zwig decide to come to Thunder Bay and how did he know that the city had this land that they were looking to lease? I was told that I would have to ask Mr. Zwig that question as he was not authorized to say. I asked Mr Zwig and he refused. Why?

I have lived in my house for over 30 years and raised my 3 kids here. I should not be forced to sell my house and move because my  elected representatives care more about a  developer (or are afraid of being sued by him) than they do about the citizens who voted for them.


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