EBR Comment 26

How would you feel about installing wind turbines on top of the PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT, or on NIAGARA FALLS??? Do you realize what the Norwester Mountain range looks like and feels like???

This mountain range, as well as the Sleeping Giant peninsula, are 2 amazing wonders of the world.

Why have they not been recognized as such yet?  Could it be because Thunder Bay lies way up north, far away from bureaucrats? Or because we have been always know as an industrial city for our grain elevators and our paper mills? Could it be that we take these amazing wonders for granted because we are so used to their amazing beauty we don’t even notice it any more? Well it is high time that we, in Thunder Bay, wake up and finally realize the gems we have owned without realizing their worth. WE ARE NOW AWAKE and WE WILL NOT let these gems get destroyed.

To you who are reading these lines and have the power to decide, I have ONE suggestion: come to SEE and FEEL these mountains, especially now, at this time of year, when their ASTOUNDING BEAUTY is bursting with LIFE.


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