EBR Comment 22

You may or not be aware that forest fire is a major concern in the north of Ontario.
It is prudent for a resident such as myself who owns a year-round and a vacation home here to know that an industry such IWT is adequately prepared to deal with a potential fire, especially when this industry (not a “farm”) has been shown to dry out the surrounding forest. (Documentation will be provided if you do not have it.)

I have not seen an efficient plan to deal with a fire at the IWT location on the NorWester Mountains. Is there an adequate one? In fact, in a location where water bombers will be inhibited by IWT can there be an adequate plan to deal with a wild fire?

If there is not, the installation should not proceed.

Many excellent arguments have been advanced as contraindications for the installation of Industrial Wind Turbines. The Ministry of the Environment appears to have paid attention to none.
In summary, the additional reasons why the IWR industry should be halted are:

Northern and northwestern Ontario will be unable to deal with the outrageous attack on an important part of its economy; tourism. The attraction of the wild waters and lands of the north of Ontario will be minimized because most installations are being located along the coastal corridor of magnificent Lake Superior. I think of Prince Township, Goulais, Bow Lake and the NorWesters, with more to come.

Evidence is mounting that IWT are harmful to life, including birds, bats and humans.
IWT are economically unsound, raising the price of power, chasing away industry, and raising taxes. (See McGuinty’s legacy by Christina Blizzard, Chronicle Journal, June 14, 2013)
The Washington Post recently warned that Europe has become a “green energy basket case”. Instead of a model for the world to emulate, “Europe has become a model of what not to do”. (Lake Superior Action Research Conservancy.)
As an officer of the Provincial Government which represents me, a citizen, I ask that you raise your voice against the promotion of this ludicrous technology.


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