EBR Comment 21

First of all, I am wondering why Horizon Wind was able to make changes to their REA after it was posted for public review. It was my understanding that there was to be absolutely no changes to the application after posting. They breached the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act on over 350 people.

This is how Horizon Wind has been on this whole renewable energy process. Mistake after mistake after mistake.

This is now the third REA that they have posted (2 drafts and final) with still countless mistakes on it. I have compiled over 7 pages of errors still outstanding from the original 2 draft REA’s, which are just copied and pasted on the final posting without any changes. I will file additional information with you, over the next few days. All of this information was brought to Horizon Wind’s attention via open houses and emails.
For these reasons along with many more to follow, I feel the project should be denied.


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