EBR Comment 15

The Nor Wester mountain range should have the full geographic status of the Niagara Escarpment. You don’t see any wind turbines down there, why here? This is absolutely the wrong place for a wind park. Pick another  location on the thousands of acres in and around Thunder Bay.  I’m all for green power, my roof is full solar panels feeding the grid. Let’s not rape the pristine view of our mountain range as seen from the  lake and surrounding area.

I hope the ministry has the personal integrity to make the right decision to direct this project to an appropriate area.
Thunder Bay is trying to promote cruise ships to the port of Thunder  Bay. We don’t need a scarred up welcome mat for their arrival.Wouldn’t you prefer to see the centuries old view of the Nor Wester’s  than a city that sold out to the Horizon bullies by installing wind turbines in the wrong place?

I rest my case!


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