EBR Comment 19

The City of Thunder Bay is my municipal representative and I rely on them to protect my interests and my health

The City is also involved with the developer in leasing the land and gaining financial benefit. The City also broke its own bylaws and policies on disposal and use of the land.  There was no open process for disposal (long term lease). The City also conducted , and continues to conduct business and meetings regarding this project in secret. Following a 126 million dollar lawsuit by the developer against the City, the City will not answer nay questions or comment on this project- even though they have a duty and obligation to their constituents.

This deal started behind closed doors apparently 8 years ago, and continues behind closed doors.

How can we rely on the City to honestly and openly comment on the project when it is scared of the developer and is also a beneficiary of the project?

The City of Thunder Bay  developed and sent 16 questions to Horizon August 5, 2010 — 2 years less 2 months ago.

Those questions are not answered in the REA
The people of thunder bay were relying on the City and that the minimal questions they raised would be answered in the REA. They are not answered.

How can we the people of Thunder Bay believe this process is open and transparent when 16 easy questions from a municipality cannot be answered openly after over 2 years?

The City retained a consultant (Dillon, one that works for wind companies) to review the REA. Of course they did not find much – its like asking the fox to check on the chickens.
Dillon page 2 “The results of Dillon’s review determined that the majority of the comments and questions raised by the City were adequately addressed in the letter from Horizon dated June 3, 2013 (Horizon letter), and in some cases, in the final REA documents.  However, more information is required for two issues. Please refer to Table 4.1 for details.”

So even Dillon says the questions weren’t answered in the REA, but rather in a letter JUNE 3 2013 – well after the REA submitted and more than 2 years after questions asked.

When will the public see these ‘answers’?

We should have seen them long ago, and surely in the REA

This proponent is either playing a game with the public and MOE as fools, or it is so incompetent it doesn’t know how to  develop a project

Either way this REA should not be approved , this project should not proceed .


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