EBR Comment 18

I have had numerous emails and contacts with the developer and the proponent over  the years- hundreds of contacts most of those contacts are not included as far as I can see in the consultation report contacts have been through email, phone conversation, discussion at open houses, questions at open houses .. many of the issues or suggestions I have made are not indicated, not how they
were addressed

I have suggested alternate turbine locations – there is nowhere in report any indication of my suggestions – or even that I suggested alternatives.

I have asked which turbines (will be built first (first 8 or 9 out of 16 or 18) – they do not address this although there is only energy approval for 8 turbines

I have asked about the road building and cut and fill – that issue is not addressed although it will be a major impact on the mountain

I have asked about noise, and the effects of mountainous terrain and improper noise model for this terrain. – they included some of my concerns but not with confirmation regarding model inappropriateness

I have asked about site access – they said yes, then no, now I cant tell from report

I asked Horizon for a list of all my contacts last summer- they took a few months and sent an incomplete list

I do not believe they kept or properly managed public contacts and input

I don’t think they really cared about it because they don’t have to because the MOE and government just uses public consultation as a smokescreen

This consultation does not properly acknowledge or describe the issues or how they were resolved

The consultation essentially just list contacts then dismisses concerns

Why does the MOE bother to have companies pretend to consult when the MOE doesn’t enforce its own guidelines /requirements?

The developer committed at an open house (in a response to a question from the floor) that they would meet all the requirements of the MOE technical bulletins- and this consultation report does not meet the requirements

This REA must be rejected based on an incomplete and unsatisfactory consultation process and consultation report

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