EBR Comment 13

I am quite concerned about the process that Horizon Wind is now taking to pursue the public into agreeing to the benefits of having this wind farm within the city limits.

We/I have not heard from Horizon Wind about there application to your ministry until I read about it in the paper. The Website has not been updated for 14 to 16 months. We now have a postcard delivered in what our thoughts are and we could win a free trip to Nova Scotia. This is outright bribery for our citizens to agree with their proposal. I understand that your e-mail address is also included for the individuals to support this Endeavour. Surely one can see through this “buying of approvals” the desperation of Horizon Wind.

The communication with this company is fear. When our council had a chance to reject for renewal of the lease the mayor made a motion to reject this lease and could not get it seconded. When we contacted a councilor as to why this was not seconded it was stated that they were afraid of a law suit. I know that your ministry is concerned with environmental issues and law suites being thrown around and non communication is not as important as the environment.

I would like to state that I once owned property at Flat Land Harbor (Lake Superior) which is very near Loch Lomand. The naturalists (approximately 15 to 18 years ago) where putting up signs stating that this was a Peregrine Bird sanctuary and that the nesting grounds should not be disturbed because of extinction of this species. That was not that long ago. I understand now the Peregrine Falcon is in the vicinity of the Horizon project and this is their feeding grounds. Let us not go through this again of trying to bring back a species from near extinction.

Another concern that I have is that this company has taken soil samples. This area is not filled with soil but is composed of Granite rock that blasting is going to take place. Fissures are going to be created and the head waters of Loch Lomand have to be effected. With the area made up of rock cliffs surely the noise factor has to be increased due to the echoing effect of the surrounding area. Studies have not been done with this type of terrain and should be done and included with this application.

I trust that this ministry can see that this is not the place to erect wind mills and that another location away from the public with less harm to the environment is more suitable.

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