EBR Comment 9

I attended the Public Open House advertised and hosted by Horizon Wind on May 18, 2011 at the Fort William Country Club. This event was attended by who like me were interested in knowing more about the proposed wind turbine project and impact it may have on them.

The issue of building wind turbines on the Norwester Mountains has been very polarizing issue indeed. Initially, I was indifferent to this project since I assumed residents were properly consulted, this type energy was cost efficient and wouldn’t affect our community, what so ever. However, now I believe this project was built on a foundation of divisiveness, ambiguity and waste. I won’t get into the specifics of this, since I’m sure a number of better informed residents in the area addressed many of these. I will briefly state why I’m against Wind Farms in general.

1) I’m against the privatization of ANY essential utility of any kind. All utilities should be PUBLICLY OWNED.

2) I’m against CORPORATE WELFARE where governments are subsidizing these private companies to further profit off of our user fees which will no doubt go up.

3) This deal was legally binding before any attempt at public consultation was made.

4) At the public forum I attended, there was NO open questions asked for everyone to hear.

On a positive note, it did inspire me to compose a song that I released on my solo album. Hopefully, royalties from this song will help subsidize the higher electricity rate I’ll be paying.


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