EBR Comment 6

The following is a list of our personal comments and opinions on the proposed Big Thunder Wind Park in Thunder Bay.

We attended the following open houses put on by Horizon Wind to gain as much knowledge as possible on the proposed project.

August 05/2010 Thunder Bay Labour Centre

August 23/2010 Best Western Nor’Wester Resort Hotel

May 18/2011 Fort William Country Club

May 30/2011 Fort William First Nation Community Hall

On arriving at these events we were required to sign in, give personal information and agree to be video tapped.

If we refused to comply with these requests we were denied entry, and there were a number of people who were.

Thunder Bay Police and private security people were overseeing this sign in procedure as well as the event.

We were shocked, felt threatened, intimidated, by armed police officers and private security hired by Horizon Wind officials to supposedly provide protection for whom I don’t know.

We have attended a lot of public meeting, open houses etc. and have never encountered this kind of security, ever.

This immediately set of bells and whistles indicating there was something a miss here that required that level of security.

We attended solely to gain more information on the proposed wind project and the effects it could have on the environment, view, and any other effects we never even considered.
I immediately felt Horizon Wind representatives were evasive, condescending and trying to hide something while answering questions.

We think green energy initiatives are a good thing and we support them fully, but we disagree completely on the location of this project on the Nor’Wester Mountains.

Thunder Bay is surrounded by thousands of hectors of cut over wood lands were these could be built away from view, and not disturbing peoples lives.

We do not support this proposed project in this location and trust the Ontario Government will do the right thing and deny approval of this project.


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