EBR Comment 2

I wrote to Horizon numerous times over the project making specific and general comments and suggestions on locations.

I  informed their representatives at open houses about concerns and alternative layouts

I cannot find any reference to my open house comments, suggestions or discussions in the reports

Horizon did not address my concerns or suggestions, especially on alternative locations

In May of 2010 Horizon told me towers could still be moved but that I should wait until the open houses to discuss.

Then at the open houses Horizon said its  to late to move towers

This misinformation and leading astray is not in the consultation reports, and shows that I was misled

“Thank you for your email and your concerns are understood. You will definitely be informed by email, and likely also by mail, of the next Open House.  After the REA documents are released there will be 60 days for you to review before the presenting your concerns and ideas at the Open House. 

As part of the REA process there is still opportunity for the community to provide input into the project.  I am surprized that REFO told you that comments from the community were not considered, since the REA process requires all public comments to be submitted with the Application for a Renewable Energy Approval, and considered by the proponent and the Ministry of Environment.  If you would like to provide feedback on specific turbine locations within the study area your comments will be included with the Application for this purpose. Horizon has been listening to concerns expressed by the community and that was the reason for nearly doubling the distance between wind turbines and the nearest homes.  If you have thoughts on how the turbines should be placed within the project area then you can of course let us know. However, to better inform this I would suggest waiting until the release of the REA reports so that you can understand the various parameters that were considered for the project area to influence the proposed layout.

The REA process does in fact require addressing and mitigating environmental concerns.  One of the reports required within the REA documentation is the Environmental Effects Monitoring Plan which must contain performance objectives for environmental effects, mitigation measures and plans for post-construction monitoring. 

Draft REA reports are going to be issued for public review soon based on the currently proposed layout, and once these Draft are issued further comments are considered and changes can be made.  We are very near to completing the Draft reports and once these reports are issued there will be 60 days to review them prior to the public Open House.  Changes to the project can still be made as a result of the discussions at the Open House.  

A couple more thoughts regarding your final points:

1) There will be 18 turbines (as shown on the map) with a total generating capacity of 27 MW. 

2) Turbine movements were made as a result of input from the community, increased knowledge of environmental features, and iterative changes to the layout (as shifting one piece of infrastructure may result in others needing to be moved as well)

Horizon is listening to what you have to say and we are trying to address your concerns as best we can at this stage.  Our apologies that the Draft REA reports have not been issued yet, we feel that when these are issued many of the points you bring up will be addressed in more detail.  As previously mentioned, all of your comments and correspondence will be included in final REA submission to the Ministry of the Environment for their review as well. 


Name withheld” 

on the following video which is August 2010 open houses,

Horizon clearly states that the cannot move the towers because they wont

That is not what the proponents representative told me – he told me that changes could still be made and told me to wait for the open house and the REA reports
So they told me to wait- then said its too late after I waited
Interesting that that was in 2010 that they said they couldn’t be moved – but I believe they made changes to tower locations after that -in 2011 – for their benefit to their project

so they can move towers and make changes for their purpose -but ignore the public

MOE can contact me to discuss further – too difficult to write all information on form


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