EBR Comment 10

Comments related to Big Thunder Wind Park REA

Page 1
Thunder Bay does not need wind power as there is sufficient hydroelectric power available.

Page 4
Height of Towers- As the towers are to be built on top of mountain they will be much higher relative to the ground level.

Page 6
Environmental Impact-The impact on the environment must be substantial to birds, bats, wildlife, and the beautiful sugar maple stand.

Page 9
The area residents are extremely unhappy about the location of this project with good reason as this will affect quality of life in the area due to noise and shadow flicker and reduce property values. There is an elementary school and daycare close to the proposed site. This is not an acceptable site for a wind farm.

Page 21
Visual impact- The Norwester Mountains are a beautiful part of Thunder Bay and should NOT be marred by wind turbines.

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