FWFN Considerations to include

I would strongly encourage all to write in each letter this is Sacred, First Nation Lands with land use areas of Settlers and rights under several laws like some points listed below.  The more it is made clear of our rights and the rights of all FN made by everyone the stronger argument everyone has:

Please read:  this article:  http://desmog.ca/2013/05/23/beaver-lake-cree-judgment-most-important-tar-sands-case-you-ve-never-heard

On another note:

This fight goes in this order of importance:

  1. This land is sacred land protected under the Creator or God because it has been a land always thought of as sacred.
  3. This land is mother earth and she has rights too.
  4. This land is protected under the 1850 Treaty that states all land and traditional land is protected and all this land affected will be held accountable by those who affect it.
  5. This land and human rights are protected under the constitution Charter of Rights
  6. This land is protected under the First Nation Laws
  7. This land is protected under United Nations Indigenous Rights
  8. This land is protected under other laws outside of the Green Energy Act
  9. This land is to be proved under section 47.5 of the MOE Director’s job duty to justify why this land should be destroyed.
  10. This land is protected under water, food and traditional sovereignty international and federal rights.
  11. This land is protected under section 35 of the First Nations laws and states so in the Green Energy Act.
  12. This land is also protected under other provincial laws outside of the Green Energy Act.
  13. This land is protected on all the different ways it will infringe on people’s rights.
  14. This project infringes on the environment in beyond so many ways.
  15. This project infringes on the right for future generations to inherent this land as a pristine and pure landscape and not an environmental and economical disaster.
  16. This project will infringe on the ANSI.

(The following is a submission by one of our FWFN neighbours and friends)

Here’s my latest public point I made:

I am a younger person who was at the rally. There were several young people there. I am an environmental manager and outdoor educator. I live the lowest impact life in modern society a person could live. I’ am completely opposed to industrial industries being built on a sacred, pristine and unique watershed area like Loch Lomond Watershed. The outdoors is my office. I know better then some how our local ecology works, what is unique about it and how it will be damaged.

No one is disputing the fact we need to have better renewable energies in the world. Industrial industries green or not need to be appropriately sighted with proper impact studies done. If the City of Thunder Bay wants a wind farm, then it needs to be sighted in an area that has minimal impacts. Keep in mind Thunder Bay’s coal plant is not really in operation and will be shut down. Thunder Bay already has a surplus of green energy, I believe. Contact Thunder Bay Hydro and OPG to learn more about our energy.

The Green Energy Act states you have to use wind power before other energies. Which means dams with good drinking water will spill over. Wasting drinking water is not green. The Green Energy Act also took away environmental laws and protections of the environment and endangered species and is allowing wind developers to put industrial wind farms in the best and unique ecosystems in Ontario without proper and full environmental and human assessments. This is hardly green. To destroy natural sites vital to all inhabitants of earth is not a step in the right direction towards a greener tomorrow. A greener tomorrow does not include destroying pristine natural sites like the Loch Lomond Watershed with pure drinking water for 10, 000 (+) people a day for future generations and an area that houses endangered species, sacred sites and a unique ecosystem. Destroying such valuable natural assets for the world, Canada and locals to enjoy forever; all for human consumption, for an industry that will be old technology by tomorrow, for energy we don’t need in Thunder Bay because we already have too much energy we can’t use and it’s mostly green; is not a greener tomorrow. Blasting a mountain to build roads and having to drill down into the mountain area to install 450-1000 ft high turbines, clear cutting up to one hectare of old trees and unique plants per turbine, destroying one of Thunder Bay’s best and unique natural assets and watershed and killing endangered species is not a greener tomorrow my generation wants. The Sleeping Giant literally is slated to have turbines put on it according to the Ontario Wind Map. I wonder how people will react to that?

Progression is leaving our earth in a natural state to be able to live off of water and food that is local and natural. Many people in this city who are all for the wind farm and destroying a pure watershed, so we can fuel our electronics rather then fuel First Nations and the Neebing township and beyond with life sustenance called water and natural/traditional foods is not “GETTING WITH THE TIMES”. In fact, Bolivia gave Mother Earth rights this year to protect unique sites like the Nor’ Wester Mountains from industrial development. Protecting unique and natural sites is ‘GETTING WITH THE TIMES”.
We are a young enough country to learn from the mistakes of others. If we destroy this land to fuel our laptops and TVs instead of our spirits and bodies, then I feel it will be one of the biggest environmental tragedies this city will have ever made. It may also be an economical disaster for all locals with hydro rates going up, property taxes going up, homes devaluing and businesses like the Loch Lomond Ski hill who employs dozens of people and fuels the tourism economy like hotels and ski stores may shut down. When hundreds of people may be affected financially who are businesses owners and are progressive people because they bring unique businesses to our community, take a financial hit this is not progressive. We use Lake Superior for drinking water now. But clean drinking water and nutritional water is a big difference. Loch Lomond has good nutrition in the water. This water and land of the Nor’ Wester Mountains and Watershed assets should be protected for future generations.

A greener community means you stop urban sprawl, build smaller and more energy efficient homes, drive less and walk or bike more, eat healthy and reduce excessive food buying, eating and wasting, shop locally, consume less and spend less on stuff going to the dump, recycle, exercise and keep healthy to reduce medical problems and more industries needed to manage unhealthy people, plant more trees, buy items that are made out of organic materials and stop polluting and destroying pristine sites for human consumption.  You live off the land and you make as little impacts as possible.  Try not to buy into the idea of consumerism.

If anyone is worried about coal emissions stop owning 2-3 cars per household in this town and driving everywhere and start biking and walking more to lower the gas vehicle emissions which are more of problem in this city then any mill or coal plant (that is not) or is in operation.

My greener future means protecting pristine, unique and sacred sites not destroying it. Green energy starts at home with our own consumption reductions before having to produce more energy.

P.S. Cell towers and airplane signal towers on top of Mount McKay do not compare in size and environmental destruction compared to massive industrial wind farms.

Additional points to add:
Again the Clean Water, Fisheries, Cultural Hermitage, Spiritual Practices, Endangered Species Acts, all should over see the Energy Act.
Please also add something like this to your REA about First Nations (FN) peoples:First Nations peoples have treaty and First Nations land rights and we support FWFN in protecting their land.  They also have rights to protect this land and their personal rights under the United Nations, Federal Laws and Section 35 in the the Green Energy Act.  They have the right to traditional practices, food, water and culture sovereignty.

First Nations (and all Canadians) have the right to best practiced Aboriginal health and cultural planning, prevention and intervention.  FWFN is an at risk population of cultural genocide if there is no place left to practice natural traditions in the wilderness on a daily basis and many suffer from toxic behaviors and addictions that are starting to be healed by continuing to or returning to cultural practices after the Gov’t, Churches and Communities tried to demoralize and colonize out of First Nations peoples.  We have the capability of learning from past Chief and Council, Mayor and Councils, communities and governments that we have all inherited a country and communities that has damaged environments and peoples.
We have the tools and knowledge not to make the same mistakes again and to better manage our lands, rights and communities and plan for more sustainable futures.  FWFN can use the indigenous knowledge framework of holistic balance between spiritual, emotional, physical and social spheres of life to continue using the remainder of their land to teach traditional practices now that it is not illegal and the practices are accepted; in order to reduce high rates of social problems, demoralization, depression, substance abuse and suicide and use traditional practices instead of colonization practices to strengthen cultural identity and community integration into healthier environments and political empowerment of self governance to help improve the mental health of FWFN peoples.  The connection between land, language and culture are the foundation of a healing strategy that needs to be put forth.
Our ability to connect with the wilderness and the creator is our primal sacred beginnings.  Spending time in the outdoors strips us down to the basic elements of body and soul.  It is a place to rejuvenate our souls, to connect with our inner spirits, our communities and the creator.  Leaving civilization to spend time with the creator in the wilderness holds an important key to our own spiritual renewal.  If this last bit of land is damaged or taken away from FWFN from damage or cutting off traditional practices, I feel we will all damage the opportunity to some community members to continue and for others to renew the opportunity to practice traditional medicine, healing, knowledge, food gatherings, teachings, spiritual connections and holistic approaches to healing from severe trauma many of FWFN and other FN in Northern Ontario for generations have had to endure and it will take away from the restoration of culture, traditional practices and wellness strategies and the reconciliation of First
Nations peoples within our very our community to heal through traditional outdoor practices.
We continue to try to dis-empower First Nations peoples by trying to get First Nations peoples to reform to our teachings, churches and ways of life.  But if settlers had adopted the First Nations teachings and practices we would not be in climate change problems or having to deal with damaged environments and peoples.  It is our duties as people who share this land together to ensure no more harm happens to our neighbors at FWFN and we take a step in the right direction by helping them to protect their land, culture and rights for sustainable future generations to inherit a healthier community, water and lands.  It is our children’s, children’s, children’s God given rights to have access to clean and nutritional water, a place to practice cultural and tradition and a place to connect with God.  If you allow the Loch Lomond Watershed to be damaged you will be taking away from future generations a sustainable and pristine place for (all but especially) FWFN and other First Nations groups to access traditional foods, medicines and practices.

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