Wind Farm Construction

Mars Hill

This is what wind farm construction looks like from a distance. To know what it’s like close-up you can watch a video of Mars Hill Residents talking about the impact the windfarm has had on their lives here.

Backbone Mountain

This is a picture from a wind turbine construction site at Backbone Mountain, Tucker County, West Virgina. What is being done here cannot be undone in our lifetimes.



Construction which involves such heavy equipment kicks up a lot of dust and is very hard on roads not made to handle them. Road resurfacing in our area costs between $45,000 to $60,000 per mile. Who pays?


What will be the impact of such foundations on our bedrock and our water table? If our well is spoiled, who will be responsible?


That’s one blade!




Can we handle a fire like this?


Although we are told problems with turbines are rare, the fact is they happen. This turbine caught fire in our neighbor state of Minnesota on March 27th, 2008. You can see the fire and the smoking chemicals running down the side of the tower. How would you like this 1000 feet from your door? And what could the fire department do about it? Nothing. It’s too tall for the fire equipment to reach. The only answer they had was this: “Let it burn.”

More Destruction


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