Radio Campaign

A group of concerned citizens has started to sponsor a series of advertisements on a variety of local radio stations.  It”s important that the residents of Thunder Bay and the surrounding area get the real facts!  We will be posting them here on our website in the very near future, however in the meantime, keep your ears open!

Don’t forget, that you have very limited amount of time in which to let the Ontario Government know exactly how you feel about the proposed Industrial Wind Turbine Development proposed for the beautiful Nor’Wester Mountains which could have a devastating effect on not only the mountain range itself, but the precious Loch Lomond Watershed.  The Watershed has long been protected against developments such as this, however this will change everything.  Who knows what else they could build up there!

A few facts

Horizon Wind claims that the current cross country ski trails located on the mountain will not be damaged?  The reality check is,  of the 76km of trails built and paid for by your tax dollars (approximately $8 million!) 44km will be destroyed or rendered useless and this is only during stage 1 of the project.

If you thought the $126 million dollar lawsuit brought against the city of Thunder Bay was shocking, the reality is that a recent quote for decommissioning and land restoration for 1 Turbine was $7 million dollars.  Horizon has agreed to provide the city about $16 thousand dollars per turbine in 15 years!  Sadly, the tax payers of Thunder Bay will be on the hook for the balance.  Horizon wants not 1 turbine, but up to as many as 40, that means the City of Thunder Bay could be held responsible for almost $280 million dollars.  Who’s going to be responsible for that in 20-25 years? US! The hard working tax payers of Thunder Bay, who benefits the most financially from these turbines?  A Toronto based developer.

While Horizon can claim the area can be restored, how does one rebuild the face of the mountain once it’s been blasted away in order to put up a road. According to Horizon it’s deemed a driveway, I don’t know about you, but have you ever seen these being delivered on the highways of Northern Ontario? That’s a pretty big driveway in our opinion.

So what can you do to help stop this?  Let the Province of Ontario and your local MPP (Bill Mauro & Michael Gravelle) know.   Remember for your comments and suggestions to be heard you *MUST* enter them on the MOE Website located here: BigThunder  remember, the deadline to add your comments is June 22, 2013.

You can read Horizon Wind’s complete REA Submission which is posted on their website here: Big Thunder Wind Power

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One Response to Radio Campaign

  1. Wayne says:

    In a Horizon radio ad on a local station, I heard them mention that moose would not be negatively affected and in fact would benefit and flourish with nearby wind turbines. Where’s the proof/evidence to support that ridiculous claim?

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