Chronicle Journal – Editorial – follow up

I’ve just received confirmation that the Chronicle Journal  wasn’t even at the FWFN Horizon event!! They based that editorial on a press release which Horizon/Firedog had issued on May 31st.  Here’s the information from Horizon’s press release.
It’s filled with all kinds of errors and misreported information.  They make several accusations which are completely false and without merit.  I suggest you download the original press release and judge for yourself.

You can download a copy of the original here – Horizon Press Release

Horizon/Firedog Press Release – May 31st 2011


Fort William First Nation Misinformed
Thunder Bay, ON, May 31, 2011

Following a community meeting at Fort William First Nation, Horizon Wind Inc. is expressing their concern today about the amount of misinformation being deliberately provided to members of the community.

Horizon officials were in Fort William First Nation last night to listen and receive comments from the local membership and were saddened to witness emotional and frustrated members who are upset about what they believe to be the potential impact of the Big Thunder Wind Park.

Horizon Wind CEO and President Anthony Zwig says; “What we witnessed last night was that a number of Fort William First Nation members have been misinformed… people were telling us that our wind turbines are going to be located on top of Mount Mckay; that we plan on draining the Loch Lomond watershed, that children will no longer be allowed to enjoy their traditional pastimes on the mountain, that we will pollute the air and cause cancers…and more. These are absolutely false statements and we do not want to see people being falsely upset.”

More than half of attendees at the meeting that took place at the Fort William First Nation community hall were members of Thunder Bay’s Nor’wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee.

Zwig continues; “I was particularly surprised at the response from the community given that Fort William First Nation has been pursuing their own renewable energy projects for some years and is known to be a progressive community. I do however believe that there is a way forward and we want to start by ensuring that people get the opportunity to receive accurate project information. Only then can they truly make their own decisions whether they are in support or against the project.”

Horizon officials in attendance at the community meeting were not provided with the opportunity to speak, or correct any misinformation. Project Coordinator, Nhung Nguyen was denied the opportunity to make a presentation she had prepared to help explain the project, its location and its potential impacts on the Fort William First Nation.

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